Strengthen Automotive Industry, Infrastructure and Railways Indonesia, GEM Indonesia Presents Exhibition of the International Scale, largest in Southeast Asia.


Indonesia’s optimism in the automotive industry toward greater state, automotive components industry is one of the most important parts for the advancement of the automotive industry in the country. In fact, the quality of the components industry in Indonesia alone is able to compete with other countries and quite competitive. Not to mention, the economic recovery began to be felt in several sectors, including mining, energy, and consumer, automotive.

As a country that has the largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is experiencing a transition that is so great in the midst of the global crisis, one of which is to be the production site for the automotive sector exports to Southeast Asia and become the largest sales market. It is caused by increased gross domestic product per capita.

The Indonesian government is determined to turn Indonesia into a global production hub for manufacturing cars and encourage automakers to set up factories in Indonesia because the country is targeting to replace Thailand as the largest automobile production center in Southeast Asia and the ASEAN region. In the long term, the Government wants to transform Indonesia into an independent state car manufacturers are producing units that car all the components were manufactured in Indonesia.

Currently, Thailand controls 43.5% of sales in the region in the context of ASEAN, while Indonesia is in second position with 34% market share. That is, Indonesia will be much more capable in 2018.

One of the clearest fact is increasing some of the most important sectors in Indonesia, one of which automotive and infrastructure development is increasing. 2017 set as a year of expansion and development. Authorities believe there will be changes in the economy better. Infrastructure development will remain a key focus in the second year of President Jokowi. Availability of infrastructure, which is believed to have an impact on the smooth connectivity, will reduce economic disparities and social inequalities between Java and outside Java. Budget continues plus, because connectivity is also a driving factor of competitiveness

The budget allocated by the government to reach Rp 387, 3 billion for the six main targets of infrastructure, construction of railway lines throughout Indonesia, the construction of the road along 815 km, construction of bridges along the 9399 m, construction of 13 new airport, construction and development of seaport facilities in 55 locations across Indonesia as well as the development of advanced passenger terminal.
The development of the railway infrastructure development in the country has changed significantly in terms of equitable development. Previous governments just do the construction of rail infrastructure on the island of Java, has now spread to all over Indonesia. With the availability of infrastructure diverse and more adequate funding, then the efficiency is created. The real sector will be opportunity grows bigger because of the small to large businesses alike benefit from the transport and logistics costs are cheaper.

With the limited capacity of the service road, rail continued to show its competitive advantage. These advantages cannot be separated from the development of railway technology so that more rapid, safe, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Also from the rail haulage remains the most superior mode.

In order to support and develop the three most important sectors (Automotive, Infrastructure and Railways) in Indonesia, PT Global Expo Management holds three largest and most significant exhibitions in Southeast Asia, INAPA 2017, CON-MINE 2017 and RailwayTech Indonesia 2017. The exhibition will feature more of 1,100 participants from 25 countries and expects attended by more than 35,000 professionals from abroad.
1. INAPA 2017
INAPA 2017 (The 9th Indonesia International Auto Parts, Accessories and Equip Exhibition 2017) is an exhibition of the largest automotive parts and accessories in Southeast Asia. The success of previous year’s exhibition, making INAPA 2017 as the most potential exhibition of automotive components for automotive businesses worldwide. Not to mention, this exhibition has a sub-event of the most potential supporters held simultaneously, such as, INAFASTENER 2017, which is an exhibition of fasteners, nuts, bolts and fixing technology. This exhibition became viral in the automotive industry. Because the exhibition was very helpful not only in the automotive sector, but railways, maritime, construction fastener industry was in dire need. Thus, through the exhibition INAFASTENER 2017, the need for a fastener will be fulfilled quickly because the automotive industry and the fastener can never be separated. Besides the exhibition INAFASTENER, 2017, the exhibition Hardware + Auto Tools Indonesia in 2017 became a faithful companion for the development of the automotive industry in Indonesia, the article of this exhibition focuses on the automotive tooling tool. Thus, the exhibition will facilitate local businesses to conduct meetings with international big business coming from the same industry. Not only that, at a time when the same, Tyre and Rubber Indonesia 2017 and INABIKE 2017 will feature products from the tire industry and two-wheeled vehicles. Thus some of the exhibits, INAPA 2017 will be the auto shows the most potential and the largest in Southeast Asia.

2. RailwayTech Indonesia 2017
RailwayTech Indonesia 2017 (The Premier Indonesia International Railway Technology, Equipment, Systems & Services Exhibition and Conference 2017) is an exhibition of the first railway in Indonesia which is designed to showcase the latest technologies, equipment and services for the rail industry. This exhibition is potential for local suppliers and international trains to showcase the most innovative services. Not only that, railway technology and equipment, technology, railway infrastructure, interiors, railroad car will be on display to visitors from abroad. In order to encourage the railway industry Indonesia, Indonesia RailwayTech 2017 in cooperation with the Indonesian Railway Society (MASKA) and fully supported by the Ministry of Industry and Directorate General of Railway (Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia). This exhibition will be complemented by Indonesia Railway Conference 2017, which will be a sharing, matching and cooperating with CEO / owner of the railway company in the world’s most influential

3. CON-MINE 2017
CONMINE Exhibition 2017 (The 7th Indonesian International Construction, Infrastructure and Mining Exhibition 2017) is an exhibition of construction, infrastructure and mining tools also support programs of national construction and infrastructure is no less important in the world automotive industry. The proliferation of national project development and construction machines, the more the need for tools innovative construction and high quality. Therefore, this exhibition is an exhibition that provides an opportunity for manufacturers of construction equipment and mining machinery to agitate national producers in order to establish cooperation to undertake a massive expansion that would improve the national economy through the auto industry.

Antithesis of the three exhibitions (INAPA 2017, Indonesia RailwayTech CON-MINE, 2017 and 2017), turned out to encourage a lot of elite automotive volunteered to join. National automotive corporations are much easier to develop a massive industry by creating a partnership between the International industrial corporations in Southeast Asia to expand its corporate regions throughout Asia, Especially Indonesia as a leading nation. The exhibition – the exhibition will be held on March 29 – 1 April 2017 at the Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo), Kemayoran – Jakarta.


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