ASEAN’s Largest Commercial Land Transport & Parts Event Return in 2018
(INAPA 2018, IIBT 2018, RailwayTech 2018, Forklift Indonesia 2018, Tyre Indonesia 2018, INABIKE, etc)

The infrastructure development is still become a hot topic in this year. It seen from the Government increasingly vigorous infrastructure development especially development of railroad. The development has grown evenly nearly 50% of initiated 11 projects. One of the middle course is the construction of the LRT (Light Rapid Transportation). In order to welcome ASIAN GAMES in August, the LRT Palembang  is ready to trials in this April, the workmanship is reaching 90% (3 March) with built 13 new stations . Whereas, LRT Jabodetabek have reached countless 63.01% to 15 February.

Not only the rail-based infrastructure, the Indonesia development infrastructure transportation especially commercial vehicles received a positive response with increasing commercial needs to reach more than 80 thousand (increased 5.4%). This increase seen from the development of modes of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) targeted the Government would serve in 34 provinces with 3,000 bus mode of transportation. Indonesia is also being the massive in the development industry, It was proven with the national electric buses produced by PT. Mobil Anak Bangsa (MAB). This company, established since 2016, able to evoke the spirit of the nation to produce electric buses for mass transportation. Up to now, PT MAB has issued two buses, the first prototype with the high deck and the second prototype with low decks.

To support and develop these sectors, GEM Indonesia staged three biggest exhibition in Southeast Asia, INAPA 2018,

RailwayTech Indonesia 2018, Bus & Truck Indonesia (IIBT) 2018. This exhibition will present more than 1,000 participants from 27 countries with a target of 35,000 professional visitors both locally and abroad.

    1. INAPA 2018 
      Entering the 10th year, INAPA is more strengthen as the ASEAN’s Largest trade exhibition for automotive industries. This exhibition has a sub-event of the most potential supporters held simultaneously such as: Lube Indonesia 2018, 2018, INAFASTENER Auto GarageTech Indonesia 2018 Tyre and Rubber Indonesia & INABIKE 2018 2018. INAPA becomes the most comprehensive exhibition in Southeast Asia specially for automotive sector.
    2. RailwayTech Indonesia 2018 
      Reap the success in the first year, RailwayTech Indonesia 2018 will present 2x scale more bigger of the previous show. This exhibition has become the potential platform for local and foreign to show on their latest innovations from railway industry and able to advance the development of transportation in Indonesia. In order to encourage the railway industry Indonesia, RailwayTech Indonesia 2018 in cooperation with the Indonesian Railway Society (MASKA) will hold Indonesia Railway Conference 2018, where can become the place for sharing, matching, and cooperating with the CEO/owner of the railway companies in the world. This time, Indonesia Railway Conference will explore some important things in the field of rail industry, such as regulatory, policy and investment; strategy and development; case study about the Indonesia LRT and MRT and also technology, innovation and control system of railroads. This discussion will be performed by professionals in each field. We wish Indonesia Railway Conference can help the Indonesia Government in improving education on the railways field and expected to be implemented in the development of infrastructure that is running.
    3. Bus & Truck Indonesia (IIBT) 2018 
      The exhibition which focuses on the transportation industry especially Buses, trucks as well as supporting components (Bus & Truck Indonesia 2018) can be used as one means to support the increased quality of commercial vehicles. In collaboration with the ASKARINDO (Association of Indonesian Carrosserie Industry), this exhibition will serve as a bridge to bring together businessmen  of bus, Truck, logistics and Infrastructure to share  information regarding development of innovation and technology from within the country and abroad. Bus & Truck Indonesia (IIBT) will be held together with Forklift Indonesia 2018 and CON-MINE 2018, The shows will be focused for forklifts, material handling, logistics, mining and construction.

Not only that, in the year 2019, GEM Indonesia will cooperate with Busworld Kortrijk to be host the  Busworld SouthEast Asia 2019. The signing of the cooperation has been done and started since mid-2017. Busworld is the largest bus fairs in the world and they see Indonesia have big potential to transportation development center in Southeast Asia and expected the show can give influence in the progress of the bus transport in the Indonesian.  Baki Lee, as Director of the GEM Indonesia, reveals the exhibition Bus & Truck Indonesia (IIBT) and Busworld will be held biannually. Bus & Truck Indonesia on even-numbered years while Busworld on odd-numbered years.

Linkages between three above exhibition (INAPA, RailwayTech Indonesia and Bus&Truck Indonesia 2018) are expected can help development of infrastructure which massive in worked on by the Government. These exhibition will be the platform for the professionals gatherings for sharing knowledge on innovations and recent developments in automotive, railways, commercial vehicle industries.


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